take a number...
photo by Miguel Cortez
A statistical adventure into the numbers that make our city the diverse and disparate metropolis that it is. Choreographer/demographic analyst, Vicky Virgin, investigates how art and statistical literacy intersect in the public realm. 
She will direct a band of roving performers as they travel east and west along 14th Street, stopping along the way, as they engage the public with provocative statistics about the city.   

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Presented by
Art in Odd Places 2013: NUMBER

Annual festival on 14th Street
October 11 to October 20, 2013

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October 12; 2-5 pm between 6th and 8th Avenues

October 19; 2-5 pm between Ave A and 3rd Avenue

October 20; 2-5 pm riding the L train between 1st and 8th

                                      photo Miguel Cortez

Ode to the City Elastic    
Data Couplets    

In our city's flow and sway, I was asking for something specific 
Thinking of Whitman, the corolla of souls in the sidwalk statistic.   
Among the million-four workers, I wought out the mystic 
In the daily flashmob at trainstops, a third nondomestic   
Rolling r's and curling n's, a common poetic  
Dominicano, Puertoricano - half of Latinos keep their native phonetic.   
Tu eres guapo, mi hijo, hermano - eyes flash black 
Lining MacDonald, a patch of sunned earth for the morning worktruck    

by Marietta Brill
Founder/Director, Ed Woodham
Curator, Radhika Subramanian

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