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Fine Print: A Series of Lecture Demonstrations on Student Loan Debt

Sound: metronome, spoken text (loan term definitions)

25 dancers, one instructor, charts, Sharpie, chalk

A dance video in three parts which probes the absurdity of student loan agreements through precise choreography, carefully-chosen locations and the almost indecipherable linguistics of loan contracts themselves. The videos were filmed on location in NYC in a gym, a public high school art room, and on the streets of the financial district. Created for the a​rtist collective, BFAMFAPhD.



Take a Nu​mber

Sound: ambient street noise, conversations

Nine performers, the NYC populace, magnetic computer tape, video camera, and the demographics of NYC depicted in number, maps, and bar charts.


A live statistical-literacy adventure across 14th Street in which roaming performers engage with the public, discussing the data and numbers that make New York City a diverse and dynamic metropolis.  

Produced by Art in Odd Places

3 hours

Salt Lake, a New Ballet in 3 Acts

Sound:  Recorded music (Jello Slave), live music (Jason Crigler on bass guitar, Michelle on cello), spoken text (Shakespeare sonnet)

One actor,  4 ballerinas, a film by Trent Harris, salt (fleur de sel, rock salt, kosher salt, Morton Salt and a salt lick)

A story ballet/performance art mashup in which salt becomes a metaphor for desire and passion.  Fleur de Sel stars as a salt obsessive visited by salt nymphs as she negotiates the fallout of bliss, desire and despair.

Costumes by Fritz Matsen

45 minutes

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